Evidence of liquid water on Mars boosts the quest for extraterrestrial life

NASA said the findings “provide the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars”.


According to the filmmaker, the topic of water on Mars came up during his discussions with the agency.

I think he would have been very excited about this discovery and to share with the Australian community what it meant for space exploration and where we go from here”, Mr Clarke said.

Gou, also one of the translators of the book The Science of Interstellar, which explains the science behind Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi movie Interstellar, added that the possibility of life existing on Mars was still a grey area.

“Mercury is too hot, Venus is just too inhospitable, but Mars would be bearable”, he said. Now researchers believe that the discovery of water flowing on the red planet is a possible indication that there used to be life there. Director Ridley Scott is an accomplished sci-fi filmmaker, having directed Alien, Blade Runner and Prometheus, among others.

NASA envisages its first manned mission to Mars in the 2030s, if not sooner.

The walls of several cliffs on mars showed that they were lined up with a narrow and dark strip referred to as, “Recurrent Slope Lineae or RSLs”. The water could rise up from underground ice or salty aquifers, or condense out of the thin Martian atmosphere. NASA scientists are at work, however, as are researchers in all manner of fields who apply the scientific method to important work with dedication and the expertise born of years of education and experience.

But could the liquid support life? Because once we’re finished with Earth we’ll have a whole galaxy to choose from.

Zheng Yongchun agreed with Lin, saying that the perchlorate salts were poisonous, and could lead to deformities. To solve this conundrum, he creates a complicated system to condense steam and then collect the droplets. “What seemed really unbelievable 10 years ago – that Mars has modern, liquid water – has slowly become more and more an expectation”.


The latest discovery itself doesn’t provide any evidence of life on the Red Plant in the past or as of current, but it does give high hopes that the harsh conditions on the planet’s surface is conducive to survival of microorganisms.

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