Ex-intern sues Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s company

The Olsen twins, who built a fashion empire after starring in “Full House“, are being sued for wage theft after allegedly working unpaid interns to the bone.


So if you were sickly enjoying the absurd image of the above-photographed children leading Parsons School of Design grads to sobbing fits as they carried trays of perfectly foam-to-espresso-proportioned coffees around New York for them, that’s not exactly what this sounds like – at least not directly.

Alleging she did the work of three interns, Lalani stated in her suit that she was once hospitalized for dehydration. Yikes.

The primary test used in such court cases is whether the internships were designed primarily to educate young people in a particular field, as opposed to companies using unpaid workers for the same tasks performed by regular employees.

When we weren’t doing something, they’d be like, “Organize the buttons in the back by color code.’ You’re cleaning”.

Lalani says her duties included inputting knowledge into spreadsheets, doing errands for paid staff, chopping patterns, photocopying and stitching. I’d simply be sweating to demise.

“She was very demanding”, Lalani explained. “They’re business people”. “Emails at nighttime for the next day, like 10 night”.

About the suit, Annett Wolf, a spokeswoman for the Olsens’ company toldThe Post, “Dualstar is not aware of this”, but declined to comment on the firm’s intern policy. The Daily News says the suit claims interns were misclassified as exempt from minimum wage requirements.

The 29-year-old twins founded the company when they were 6. Do you think they mistreated their interns? Amongst different issues, it makes movies, books, cosmetics and garments.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seem to only emerge into the public eye when beckoned for red carpet galas and star-studded fashion events.


D Dipasupil/Getty ImagesMary-Kate Olsen (L) and Ashely Olsen at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

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