Facebook Experiences Second Outage in One Week

The outage was first reported around 5:00 this morning, and a message displayed on said: “Sorry, something went wrong“. An official announce was made apologizing for any inconveniences caused by the mishap. The site however now shows that is up.


While Facebook’s website appeared to load very slowly for some users, the app and website were inaccessible to many Monday afternoon.

The social network used by more than one in seven people on Earth went down early Tuesday morning along with Instagram, its photo-sharing network.

Facebook also suffered a widespread outage Thursday. “A Facebook-wide issue is causing the Facebook Graph API to be temporarily unavailable. We have identified the issue and are in the process of pushing the fix”.

Facebook saw its second outage in less than a week when it went offline for about 42 minutes on Monday (29 September).

NBC New York immediately jumped on things to let everyone know it isn’t just them either because they’re dealing with Facebook being down too.

Much like Google, Facebook is seen as a site that never goes down.

Facebook was up and running nearly one hour after it crashed.


The hashtag #facebookdown has started trending again on Twitter, which remained operational.

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