Facebook Talks Video-Related AI At F8 Conference

On the second day of Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference, the company unveiled it’s messing with artificial intelligence to automatically tag people in videos.


An AI-based automatic translation system, built by Facebook’s Applied Machine Learning team, allows these users to communicate without needing to learn a new language. “It’s alive, people use new expressions all the time, they don’t spell out their words, there are regional differences, and there are emojis”, said Candela. Seeing how Twitter is already struggling to increase its target audience, this gives Facebook more opportunities to expand its very own user base, which it already is through the new features and tools it is releasing for its platform along with its different products and services.

Facebook has revealed how much of its social network is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the extent to which the company is committed to exploring how far it can push smart technology.

Another goal for Facebook is to be able to generate captions for what people say in videos, without you having to upload a subtitles file. “Think of what Google Photos lets you do, but think of what Facebook’s implementation would look like” said Joaquin Quiñonero Candela at the conference. So it’s no surprise the company is working on a feature to automatically tag you and your friends to make those posts more searchable.

Other web companies have also started to work with AI software for a better use in their platforms.


The latest is a piece of technology which will use artificial intelligence to find familiar faces in your videos and auto tag your friends.

Facebook Plans to Automatically Tag Your Friends in Videos