Fact checking Jeb Bush’s attack on Donald Trump’s ‘tax plan’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, still leading the GOP polls, made a swing through South Carolina on Wednesday. Trump’s lawyer says the claim is false, and libelous. “I was speaking from the podium”, he said. Everybody was wrapped around the podium. “And when they did that, you had half of the seats in the back were empty, because everyone was standing in the front”. They all got out of their chairs and they ran to the front. And I look like a schmuck. Rows of empty seats are visible behind him.


“I like that he is putting America first”, said a man.

“They will respect me”. “I think he’s a cartoon character”. “I would make a deal with existing hospitals to take care of people“, Trump said. “That’s what happened”. Even after the scandal and the promise to change its evil ways, a recent report discloses that there may be as many as a million veterans waiting to see a doctor. However, the original picture that caused frenzy does not show any article or possession to suggest that people were seated in the empty chairs and moved forward when Trump started speaking. “It’s Donald Trump“, the narrator says.

The Associated Press is standing by its descriptions and Smith’s photos of the Trump speech, telling Politico that: “We are confident that the description of crowd size is accurate”.

“Barring him being caught actually shooting somebody and murdering them, I don’t know what it’ll take to bring him down”. “The back 25 per cent [is empty]”‘.

The proposed plan would reduce taxes for the middle class, reduce corporate taxes and increase taxes on the upper class, particularly for hedge fund mangers and other top CEOs. Bush belatedly announced he agreed with Trump two weeks ago, and Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama have both been in favor of ending it since 2007.

“That bugs me, I have to admit it, because public service should be about lifting people up, not tearing us apart”, Bush added on Fox News. ‘So much for doing favors for people’.

Senator Rand Paul will also make a campaign stop at 2 Columbia at the Russell House at USC on Wednesday.

During a rally in Dallas earlier this month, Trump declared, “we’re going to make this country so successful…”

The No. 1 target of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s insults said in a Thursday interview that he finds the trash-talk “amusing”.

“Part of what’s going on here is that last debate“. Trump further demanded an apology, and said that Lowry should be fined by the Federal Communications Commission.


Update: Trump keeps on fighting, by way of his Instagram page. “Would anyone vote for that?”

Four GOP candidates to appear in Midlands on Wednesday