Fans to protest against ticket prices

Most of these involve a few sort of (perceived) action or injustice against the club, our players, or our managers. But progress has been slow, considering that the campaign’s intended outcome, as the name implies, is to cap away ticket prices at £20. But we Clarets know all too well that it is not the case at every ground we visit. “They invest big money in those great stadiums, they want money back and put the ticket prices up”. Any club who does that will rightly face criticism from their fans’. Stoke fans have been charged £41 for a seat at Aston Villa. This should not be endangered by high ticket prices. That, at least, for many games is considerably cheaper than was the case two seasons ago.


“With stadium occupancy across the League at 95.9 per cent for the last two seasons in a row, and in excess of 90 per cent for the last 18 years, the fans are clearly enjoying the football, and standard of facilities, on offer”.

The Premier League said clubs do have a “huge number of offers” for supporters to make tickets more affordable.

How has this campaign gone over the years?

The average cost of Football League tickets across its three divisions over the 2014-15 season was £14.08, the organisation has announced.

It’s had a few effect.

This immersive, money-can’t-buy, experience reinforces City’s dedication to its legion of young fans, whilst highlighting the Club as a Premier League leader in offering unique and innovative experiences. This, last season, got us reductions in ticket prices at Swansea, QPR, Manchester City and Everton.

The Football League analysed official gate statements provided by clubs including season tickets, corporate hospitality and concessionary prices.

It will be a shame if there is nothing visible done at Rotherham tomorrow night, but I’m sure many of our supporters will be backing this campaign.


Kevin Miles, CEO of the Football Supporters’ Federation explained that he obviously hoped the protests would see a change in policy from all clubs when it came to ticket prices in the future and there was a warning for any club who didn’t embrace the protest.

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