Fantastic Four Director Implies Studio Meddled With His Movie

Marvel superhero group Fantastic Four has been reinvented in the new film out on Thursday August, 6. “Fantastic Four feels like a 100-minute trailer for a movie that never happens”, he said. You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though, ‘ he tweeted to his more than 7,000 followers before quickly deleting it. Last week I got to watch the new Fantastic Four movie and speak to Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell. I think the problem may lie in the fact most people attend these movies expecting a lot of excitement, and this movie is more focused on helping young people figure out how to cope in a world where they are different to the normal. A 2005 feature was successful enough to merit a sequel, “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer“, but that was the end of the line.


Storm’s hot-rodding son Johnny (Jordan) and serioso adopted daughter Sue (Mara), will eventually fill out the Fantastic Four, following a drunken interdimensional romp by the kid scientists to a place that looks like a nightmare landscape painted by Van Gogh. Toby Kebbell as Victor Von Doom, Dr. Storm’s embittered pupil, overcompensates by overdoing everything. Everyone pretends to be excited by Reed’s invention, a teleporter which can transport a monkey into an alternate dimension. Find out what critics are saying about this new movie, in theaters this weekend, below.

Fantastic Four doesn’t live up to Marvel’s usual standard, according to some critics.

It leads one to wonder whether this franchise is just simply, to make an obvious reference, doomed.

Here is everything you need to know.

The comic book’s longest running superhero team have just hit the big screen in a contemporary reboot by director Josh Trank and we’ve got three sets of money-can’t-buy Fantastic Four stash to win.


If the original comics were defined in part by the interaction of the characters – from Ben’s depression at having become a “monster” to the budding relationship between Reed and Sue to Johnny and Ben’s squabbling – those dynamics emerge only fitfully. We’ve seen it all before, and it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing it all again as well.

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