Fashion Brands Utilize Pinterest In 2013

Pinterest is one of the largest social media sites today with its rise to power coming in over the last 24 months. It is a platform that enables people to curate all attractive things they get online.


Pinterest’s Rise

Pinterest’s quick rise to the top of social network ranking is because of its three topics: women’s fashion, DIY & crafts and food & drinks. Although not as inter-personal as its fellow social network giants, Pinterest refers to and promotes itself as an online community, a platform where both friends and strangers can share their interests.

Offering More

Users can see what their connections are posting and can select interests that will populate the live stream of related links and photos. Only sites that bring something unique into the mix are capable of increasing the customer’s interest, which explains the achievement of Pinterest. The site offers something that Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn don’t have and that is why customers are more participative, curious and interested.

Why Fashion Brands And Pinterest Are A Perfect Match

Due to Pinterest’s incredible growth, some of the biggest fashion brands in the world are now showing interest and exploring its potential. Big fashion brands have embraced Pinterest’s idea and are using it through signing up and pinning their goods. Some of the major brands on Pinterest are L.L. Bean, Nordstrom Inc. and Lululemon Athletica Inc. These brands have the largest number of followers on Pinterest. Other companies such as Urban Outfitters Inc. and Gap Inc. have fewer followers, but are showing good signs.

Working Example

With over 10 million users across the globe, over 80 percent of whom are women; the biggset question now is how to make use of Pinterest to connect with such an audience. A good example of how businesses can use this platform to market their brand is Kate Spade’s pinterest. Each of the brand’s eleven pin boards includes brand’s strategy of living life colourfully. This technique displays the products of the brand and creates a feeling of what the brand is all about. Think like Kate Spade’s Pinterest and create something that is not just distinctive, but that engages the audience in a manner that makes your branding strategy stand out.

Benefits Of Pinterest For Fashion Brands

Simple to use- Pinterest is simple and hassle free! It is straightforward with 2 basic elements: boards and pins. Even more user-friendly is its ability to interact with customers. Users can “follow” and “repin” their fashion brand readily, as they’re engaging with the themes, images and ideals of their company, instead of their brand as a whole.

Data And Metrics

The current price of the effort as well as paid adverts of getting followers on Pinterest starts from one penny to 50 cents, based upon the nature of your business as compared to other social networks giants such as Facebook.

Targeted users-Research shows that female between the ages of 25 and 54 with an annual income of 25-75,000 are the primary audience in this platform. A recent study shows 80 percent of Pinterest users in the United States alone are women.

Pinterest can help create the voice behind the brand- Fashion brands can also utilize Pinterest in other ways aside from promoting fashion brands on Pinterest, as it’s great at assisting a fashion brand to create the voice behind the brand. Through creating numerous boards with other categories rather than fashion, the personality will start to emerge.


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