Father of Oregon college shooter calls for more gun control

Nine people were killed in Thursday’s rampage.


Chris Harper-Mercer carried out the shooting before killing himself as police arrived at the scene on Thursday.

“I don’t know how we are going to move forward with our lives without Quinn; our lives are shattered beyond fix”, the family said. “For Roseburg, this was 9/11”, Pastor Craig Schlesinger told his congregants, referring to the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. Many attendees raised their hands, wiped away tears and embraced, Reuters said.

Carmen Nesnick, Harper-Mercer’s stepsister, has said he was born in the UK and travelled to the United States as a young boy.

The 26-year-old also wrote something to the effect of “Other people think I’m insane, but I’m not”.

Ian Mercer, during an interview outside his California home Saturday, told CNN that he didn’t know his son had a single gun, let alone 13.

However, conflicting reports emerged about Harper-Mercer’s words as he shot his victims. “He then looked at another woman he had already shot and who was bleeding and asked: ‘Is she dead?’ – meaning Lacey”.

“She thought she was going to die”, Pastor Scroggins said.

In online postings linked to Mercer’s email address, investigators reportedly found one entry in which he expressed sympathy for a dismissed television reporter who killed two former colleagues during a live broadcast in Virginia in August. “We have spoken at great length, and she has no doubt that if it wasn’t for Treven deliberately making sure she was covered in blood she would not be here today”.

Harper-Mercer killed nine people and wounded nine others, then killed himself after a shootout with police.

College President Rita Cavin didn’t identify the injured student who came to campus. The official is familiar with the investigation but was not authorized to speak publicly because it is ongoing. “I have this, I wanna give it to you, there’s a flash drive in it” – whatever that “it” was…

(AP Photo/John Locher). Robin Griffiths, of Portland, prays at a makeshift memorial near the road leading to Umpqua Community College Saturday, October 3, 2015, in Roseburg, Ore.

“If they said they were Christian, he shot them in the head”, Willis said, citing the account given by her granddaughter.

Authorities have not disclosed whether they have an envelope or package from Harper-Mercer.

Fitzgerald was struck just below her shoulder blade by a bullet that clipped her lung and lodged in her kidney, which had to be removed in surgery, her family said. But he said there’s one part of the tale she has wanted told from the beginning: “She was made a victim once by the shooter; she will not allow him to make her a victim again”.

“We are shocked and deeply saddened by the horrific events that unfolded on Thursday, October 1”.

“I needed to be here”, student Madysen Sanchez said.


Survivors had previously suggested that Mercer had left a message for police. The Court has said nothing, as far as I know, about limits on the number of firearms a person may legally possess, which would require a highly invasive regulatory system that would raise issues under the Fourth and Fifth amendments as well as the Second.

Faculty members embrace as they are allowed to return to Umpqua Community College Monday Oct. 5 2015 in Roseburg Ore. The campus reopened to faculty for the first time since Oct. 1 when armed suspect Chris Harper Mercer killed multiple people and wou