FBI recovers Clinton emails from server

The Bloomberg poll released Wednesday showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the support of 33 percent of Democrats surveyed, with Biden at 25 percent and an independent socialist Democrat, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, at 24 percent.


An intelligence source close to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s server told Fox News that the FBI maintains “the highest degree of confidence” emails are being recovered, adding that “shadows and ghosts” were on the server after messages were deleted.

Clinton’s own State Department conflicted with her story, noting that the record request was completely prompted by discovery of Clinton’s unusual and unorthodox use of a private email system for official government business.

The findings are the latest sign that Clinton’s email scandal is not going away any time soon. Only 6 percent say they don’t know Biden. She said she had been avoiding the issue until now so as not to interfere with “the ongoing decision-making” by President Obama and current Secretary of State John Kerry.

Though some of her positions, like supporting Obamacare, may help her with Democratic voters in the primaries, if she does win the nomination, she would have to face the general public, which has been against Obamacare for years.

Which brings me back to Clinton. Eight percent said they were not yet committed to a candidate.

Oft-burned Americans understand that a policy agenda is a collection of promises. It took us too long to overcome the prejudice against electing a Catholic or an African-American president, ” Sanders said. Can you believe her?


Clinton said Tuesday she didn’t oppose Keystone based on its merits but because the political debate in America about it is a “distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change“. That could be her campaign slogan.

Prakash Javadekar