Federal judge: Alabama counties must allow gay marriage

NBC said that a number of Alabama counties continued refusing to comply even after Ms Granade’s ruling and at least one judge stopped issuing marriage licenses all together.


So, the Supreme Court has acted and now folks are able to carry on as though the decision will impact them. How?

Idaho GOP Executive Director David Johnston says the Supreme Court’s decision leaves a lot unanswered for people who say their religious freedoms are being infringed upon. But he expected it will be resolved and agreed that it is unlikely that the US Supreme Court would reverse itself. It’s the latest ruling in a confusing back-and-forth in a state that had its same-sex marriage ban struck down earlier this year. So, unlike elsewhere in the state, Jindal had more control in Orleans over the issuing of marriage licenses. The 5th Circuit had heard arguments in the appeals, but hadn’t ruled.

In the state’s most populous county, Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart says he’s seen a steady stream of gay couples seeking a license in his office.

Until now, businesses could choose to extend their marriage benefits to same-sex couples or not and while many employers across America opted to do so, Texas companies weren’t so keen.

Throughout Texas, officials are refusing to perform weddings altogether, to stave off discrimination lawsuits for turning away same-sex couples.

State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson said Wednesday that the problem with the driver’s licenses is technical. While the amendment does mention marriage, it does not mention it in the context of two persons of the same sex. (Doc. 144) in which they seek a clarification as to whether the preliminary injunction entered on May 21, 2015, (Doc. 123) is now in effect and binding upon all probate court judges. For Louisiana, that means reversing the decision court decision and remanding the case. “This hurdle is an unnecessary delay for newly married couples”, he said.

Wes Allen, a probate judge in Pike County in southern Alabama, told the AP news agency that he is “not in violation of any Supreme Court order”.

The county clerk in Tom Green County has released a statement that no one in the office will be issuing marriage licenses anymore.

But the issue of adoption is certainly going to change.

“Don’t waste your time looking for ways to defeat this”, he said. “We need to do a little training and change the automated program”.


A banner outside the Georgia Mountain Unitarian Universalist church shows support for the recent ruling that declared same sex unions a civil right.

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