Ferguson Marks 1st Anniversary of Michael Brown’s Death

Sunday marks one year since Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.


Outlets are pointing to local changes in Ferguson’s government and community, and changes in the national discussion of police brutality and systems of inequality.

FERGUSON, Mo More when compared to 200 protesters hauling bullhorns, drums and symptoms exhibited against policemen in Ferguson, Missouri, on Saturday night-time, with some more with the baked scalp of a pork going on a blockade in the front of work.

Yahoo News reports in Emily Davis’ mind, all the so-called improvements in a community desperate for them have been superficial and cosmetic.

Wilson wasn’t charged in the August 9th, 2014, shooting of the black 18-year-old, whose death galvanized the “Black Lives Matter” movement and months of protests in the St. Louis suburb and beyond. On Saturday night, one man was shot in the arm and a police auto window was shattered, but officials are still trying to determine if these two incidents are related to the protests.

For the first time in a long time, Brian Barnard says employers came looking for help – right in his own backyard. “We got to take accountability for that”, said Angela Whitman, a family friend of Brown’s and participant in today’s memorial parade.

In Ferguson, authorities have committed to hiring more minority officers.

A plaque featuring a metallic dove has been installed on the sidewalk a few feet from the spot where Brown died, and the street where his blood pooled has been repaved.

One year after the shooting that cast greater scrutiny on how police interact with black communities, the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was marked Sunday with 4 and a half minutes of silence and a march led by his father. I do not want police officers that are not community-oriented. “Don’t shoot!” which became a rallying cry during the sometimes-violent protests that followed the shooting a year ago.

Nixon said that the commission had already accomplished a significant achievement by supporting a municipal court reform law passed by the state legislature this past spring.

But Monday, two groups are planning something that is not so family-friendly, a day of civil disobedience. “It allowed us to finally open up our ears to listen to some of them… the ones that really had a objective to being out there”.

According to a research by the U.S. Justice Department, the Ferguson police force, largely white, has for years systematically bullied and harassed the majority black citizens, using traffic stops and other arrests for minor violations to collect fines.

“But there was a protest of the police department in the city of St. Louis where they did pepper spray people, and they specifically went after activists they recognized”, she asserted.

People march down West Florissant Avenue during a parade in honor…

Some of those marching shouted: “Hands up, don’t shoot”, and “We do this for who?”

The college footballer is the 24th unarmed black man to be killed by police this year.

Elzie said she’s also wonders whether the city’s hiring of a black interim police chief and a black interim city manager will lead to more than cosmetic changes.


“I wanted to be part of turning things around”, he said.

Michael Brown Sr urges protesters to step up efforts on shooting anniversary