Fifteen killed in Utah flash floods

Two other Black sons in the vehicle survived the ordeal. Tonight, ABC’s nick watt with a story of two boys who survived.


Authorities confirm twelve people are dead, and one is still missing after a massive flash flood ravaged the Southern Utah border. All occupants of the van are accounted for. Their names have not yet been disclosed to the public. He thanked the community for its outpouring of support during an incredible time of grief.

“This hit with a vengeance we haven’t seen for some time”, said Kevin Barlow, the assistant fire chief in Hildale, Utah.

Joesph Jessop, husband of Naomi and Josephine Jessop, addresses media. “But now in an instant our families are gone”. “We appreciate the sympathy and appreciation we have been given”.

Monday’s flood on the Short Creek near the Utah-Arizona border was caused by a cluster of torrential afternoon downpours falling on dry, mountainous terrain.

Authorities in Mohave County, Arizona, said Thursday they were searching for a 33-year-old man from the area who has been missing since the flash floods hit Monday.

Park rangers advised the group when they picked up their permit Monday that weather conditions were poor and flooding was likely, but until canyons are closed, Baker said rangers leave it up to visitors to determine whether it’s safe to continue their excursions.

‘This is the biggest flood we have ever seen’. And we showed you the moment those cars were swept away by the rushing waters. Black says in a high-pitched voice. Each vehicle was decimated, and the van was ripped apart. Many members have been evicted or left on their own in the past decade. Beat Marty, a Jackson Hole volunteer, helped rescuers search for victims of the flash flood. Rescue teams with dogs were looking several miles downstream in piles of debris and in shallow ponds of water that form in rocks. Most of the flooding occurred just north of Colorado City and Hildale, but the subsequent damage happened quickly.

Hildale Mayor Philip Barlow said numerous deceased were children, ranging in age from four years old to teenagers. Members of the National Guard and other state resources started arriving that afternoon. “Lagoon resort was flooded and patrons were rescued from trees”, says the flood report from 1923.

Park spokeswoman Aly Baltrus said a group of seven people from California and Nevada were overdue to return from an area known as Keyhole Canyon, which prompted a rescue effort that located four bodies.

Rain hampered search efforts Tuesday, Washington County Sheriff Cory Pulsipher said, but was ongoing Tuesday evening. We know they will go straight to heaven.

“Today’s tragedy also serves as a reminder to residents and those visiting our state to take appropriate precautions and be aware of the factors that contribute to risky flash floods”, he said.


Colorado City flood victim Joseph Jessop spoke out about the loss of his family and his friend’s family during the flash flood last Monday. It’s a reality check with all of the flooding and disaster.

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