Find The Finest Vintage SUV Cars To Purchase This Year

Vintage SUVs have emerged as people’s first choice when it on a personal truck for safari & out of stations picnic. SUV can be seen as the mini truck designed to fulfill the on road & off road needs of common man.


Recently, market has observed the boom in production & marketing of Sport Utility Vehicles, or SUVs. Each manufacturing company is trying to offer new features in its SUV models. The new vintage SUVs are equipped with variety of features which makes it difficult for a person to choose the most suited ones.

Here is step by step guide which will help you to buy a good SUV this year.

1. First of all, estimate your budget. Most of the SUVs cost more than a normal car. Also, the extra accessories may cost you additional. The price of accessories will depend upon the quality & capacity.

2. Decide the type of SUV you want to buy. The car based model of SUV offers you better handling, sitting space, luxury & on road driving features. On the other hand, truck based model of SUV will provide you great deal of cargo space, loading capacity, strong towing ability along with other off road features. But, you may have to compromise for luxury & handling capacity a little.

3. You may also choose the four wheel drive which is for handling hostile environment like forest, barren land and so on. Four wheel drives are not good for on road city use. They need more maintenance & consume more fuel for very low mileage.

4. Most of the latest SUV models are designed with folding back seat so that one can get the benefit of cargo space as well as sitting space at one time. In addition, the integration of luxury facilities has been given more importance this year.

5. The engine is the main part which needs to be evaluated before buying. Generally, SUVs are seen as V8 engine holder with high power capacity. However, one can have normal engines in order to keep the price affordable.


6. Examine the horsepower of SUV. Generally SUVs have more horsepower than a normal car. The horsepower depends upon the ability of engine.

7. If you chose the car based vintage SUV model, you must look for better handling & other luxury facilities. This year, companies are offering luxury SUVs, commonly known as XUVs at wide range of price.

8. Enquire for the safety features in SUV. Ask for the latest Crash Test report for better analysis. Examine the safety features like side air bags, front air bag, seat belt, emergency brakes & so on.

Finally, you may start visiting the showrooms for your favorite SUV. Above factors will help you to select the best suited model for your needs. Also, there are wide ranges of SUV price which leave no worry about the affordability as well.


Overall, this year is going to be a memorable for SUV buyers as new innovative SUV models have been eagerly waiting for you.