Finest Wine Bars Located In Rome

Rome is a place with impeccable beauty. This is an exotic tourist destination, and many people are visiting Rome to experience the elegance of the city. Unlike other tourist destinations, this City is too regal and royal beyond our imagination. We will feel the class in each and every corner, and this is one of the main reason which helps Rome to stand tall in the tourism map. This place is also suitable to enjoy your evenings with a sip of tasty wine. There are various wine bars in Rome, and all these wine bars are classically maintained to express the glory of Rome. Please find below some of the most noted wine bars in Rome.


Casa Bleve: This is a wine bar with impeccable elegance and style. In this wine bar, you will be able to find small lines in the walls, and all these lines will be filled with various wine bottles. You will be able to see different types of Italian and French wines in this wine bar. In this bar, you can find highly sincere staffs, and these people will give you proper suggestions if you have any doubts in selecting the wine. Casa Bleve works from Tuesday to Saturday, and the time of operation is 12.30 PM to 03.00 PM, and 07.30 PM-10.30 PM. If you are visiting Rome, then do not hesitate to visit Casa Bleve, and you will surely cherish the memories of this wine bar forever and ever.


La Barrique: This is another wine bar in Rome which provides you excellent ambience which you will love for sure. From this wine bar, you will get all types of Italian and French Wines, and you will get satisfied in all aspects. They have also an extensive champagne list, and this is another point of attraction. If you are the person who is looking for hard drinks, you will not get disappointed. In this bar, you can also get a good supply of rum, whiskey and brandy.

Trimani Wine Bar: This is one of the oldest wine shops in Rome, and is undoubtedly the most perfect place to have a sip of red wine. This wine bar operates from Monday to Saturday, and during the time of happy hours, you will get two glasses of wine for the price of one. In this wine bar, you can also find a delicious dinner menu, and it will satisfy you in all aspects for sure.

Tastevin: Tastevin is the smallest wine bar in this list. But it has a fully fledged arsenal of almost all types of wines available under the sky. You will also get a good dinner recipe from Tastevin, and it will be undoubtedly awesome in all aspects.


All the wine bars mentioned above plays a crucial factor in attracting more and more people to Rome. These places are perfect to spend a good evening with your loved ones or alone. ‘’Visit a wine bar in Rome, and experience the difference’’