Fire Off Text-Like Emails With Microsoft ‘Send’ App

The app eliminates annoying email requirements, such as a subject line, to allow users to quickly respond to their email contacts. This experimental little app treats email like instant messaging.


Cleverly, the app doesn’t show all of your emails, only those sent/received through Send, so you don’t have to wade through tons of junk to find a particular message. The app is about as far as one can get from Outlook, with the primary focus being to send quick, simple message to co-workers or friends.

With Send, Microsoft is trying to create a platform that would actually be an email app, but would offer an interface so that user could send short messages instantly.

The app is available on iPhone right now, with versions for Android and Windows Phone slated for release later this year. Our design principle for the app was to make conversations fast and fluid while keeping the people who are important to you at its core.

“On my way”, might be one example, or “Are you in the office today?”

Microsoft wants to streamline email. The apps that come out of Microsoft Garage are aimed to test-drive the market receptibility of various concepts, helping Microsoft decide whether full-blown products should be considered. So, instead of opening up your email client to send a very short message, you will now be able to send in instant message using Send.

It expects to make Send more broadly available “in the coming months”, Microsoft said. This is where Send comes in. Furthermore, it’s only available for workers with Office 365 and school email accounts.

Thanks to its connection to Office 365, Send syncs all of your conversations with Outlook so you can continue conversations from anywhere. The company also encourages people to provide feedback on the app during YamJam on Tuesday July 28 from 9 AM to 10 AM PDT, by following the instructions at the bottom of the Send blog post. Android and Windows phone apps are also in the works.


Users in the US and Canada with iOS can download Send from the iTunes store.

Microsoft introduces Send app for iOS