Firm ‘has no knowledge Clinton server was wiped’

Critics have claimed that the veteran former top diplomat used the private account to avoid transparency and scrutiny. And she’s definitely not being investigated for doing anything illegal.


“You can refinance your home, you can refinance your auto”, said Clinton. “But what about all the kids?'” Clinton says to open the ad.

But by the time the campaign is over, she says, Americans will trust her to be their advocate for them.

I think it would be helpful”.

“Union dues are used for negotiating with management on better working conditions, protecting employees from discrimination and retaliation in the workplace, and educating lawmakers and congressional staff from both sides of the aisle on issues of vital importance to employees”, Cox said. It might have been just an overzealous supporter, but regardless, Clinton quickly pivoted from praising President Barack Obama’s stewardship of the economy to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Hamilton, who was black, was killed over a year ago and dozens of protests have been held in his case. We trust her to fight for us now and to fight for us in the Oval Office. Most support her. But Sandra Pucci says she prefers Vermont U.S. Sen.

The Department of Justice also now possesses Clinton’s email server, which she handed over this spring amid an FBI inquiry into the security of the setup.

I believe that raising incomes and supporting families is the defining economic challenge of our time”.

“And even though women in Wisconsin are still paid less than men, with women of color making even less”, Clinton continued, “Scott Walker repealed protections for equal pay”.

She seems to have a plan for all issues resonating with young voters today. “It made a statement that, as a state, we can not stand by the unethical and amoral practices of Planned Parenthood”. She apologized recently, calling the decision a mistake while maintaining that she didn’t violate State Department rules.

“You can’t make this stuff up, and that’s a general election debate that is going to be a lot of fun”, she said. After both Clinton and the State Department declared that she had produced all work-related emails, Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal gave the House Benghazi committee 15 emails from Clinton pertaining to Libya that Clinton had not turned over to the State Department.

Mrs Clinton turned over 30,000 official emails to the USA state department in late 2014.

But it also has flopped, as it did when Walker told activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference that standing up to protesters showed he could face down terrorists as well. That compares to a double-digit lead Clinton enjoyed in the July survey. Some students on campus would have rather seen Sander’s there instead.

“Nobody contacted me”, said the attorney, who asked not to be named.

If that’s true, it appears she conducted no work at all over email during her first and last months on the job.

Carson was raised in Detroit by a single mother and went on to become the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

We found out she loves “Parks and Recreation” (Who doesn’t?) and that she drinks milk in her tea. After the company took control of the device, it migrated the emails to a second server.


A consultant of the Clinton marketing campaign couldn’t instantly be reached for touch upon the report.