First Indo-US strategic, commercial talks begin

Both countries also welcomed Japan’s participation in the MALABAR 2015 naval exercise later this year.


“It has nothing to do with China”, Kerry asserted.

Sources said that Goyal “made waves” in his interactions with U.S. companies with his candor and commitment to help ease their path in India. Swaraj and Kerry also commended progress toward a Memorandum of Understanding between the Indian National Police Academy (Hyderabad) and the New York Police Department. Kerry described this as a milestone. And we believe in freedom and the rights of all.

Suggesting that both the United States and India have come from the same colonial background, and had a number of commonalities, Kerry, who was addressing a U.S.-India Strategic and Commercial Dialogue Summit reception here, said, “We think alike”. It is not just United States companies that have market access problems but Indian corporates face discrimination in the U.S. too. There will be a new “Track 1.5” (involving government as well as participants from outside government) on Internet and cyber issues.

In her address at the USIBC event, Swaraj said the United States businesses are best placed to make their business decisions.

“To sum up, we have had a most productive exchange of views today”. However, she observed that commercial relationship has not lived up to potential. It also, notably, revises the structure of the dialogue to parallel the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

In closing, our teams have a lot to discuss – I look forward to doing so in a climate of genuine warmth and friendship. He said the USA was not satisfied with the current level of bilateral trade at $100 billion and expressed confidence that it could be increased five-fold in the next few years.

Also missing was any announcement of defense sales like those appearing in the press about the Indian military’s likely procurement of Boeing Apache and Chinook helicopters.

At the identical time, greater than one million Americans travelled to India in 2013, and greater than 4,000 Indians utilized for scholar visas at U.S. diplomatic amenities in India on a single day in May 2015.

In a tweet soon after the conclusion of the dialogue, Kerry thanked Swaraj. “There is so much going on between us”. We are the countries of innovation and opportunity. The strategic and commercial dialogue precedes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled visit to the USA later this week. They reiterated that the menace posed by the banned factions in Pakistan are after undermining stability in South Asia.

Other engagements on the sidelines of the strategic and commercial dialogue include an official level India-US Health Dialogue and a meeting of India-US Joint Working Group on Climate Change.

“The emerging context of the Indo-US political, strategic and security, and economic ties continues to be constantly shaped by worldwide geo-politics, the strength of the Indian economy amidst global economic uncertainties and the need for partnership among democracies to respond to some of the global challenges like terrorism”, she added. It also references “continuing efforts to finalize a bilateral agreement to expand intelligence sharing and terrorist watch-list information”.


Instead, they celebrated what Obama has dubbed the “defining relationship of the 21st Century” with agreements to fight terrorism and climate change and to bolster cooperation in energy, hi-tech and defence.