First private moon landing could happen as early as 2017

According to Mashable, the Moon Express spaceflight company struck a roughly $30 million contract with Rocket Lab for moon landing missions to begin in 2017. He said as sunlight passes through our atmosphere, the short wavelengths, which appear blue are filtered out, which is what makes our sky blue during the day. Any person who goes on a space mission learn quickly how to be humble, Richards added.


Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck aims to have the company’s Electron rocket blasting off from a New Zealand launch site within a year.

“The moon was only reachable by superpowers, but the moon is right there; it’s only a quarter million miles away”, Richards said.

“We’re going to be inspired to try a sample-return”.

“We were at a bonfire and then we drove home to get the kids to bed”. He said, “It was pretty good turnout given that it was cloudy and you don’t need a telescope to see the moon. Hence, a lunar eclipse can occur only the night of a full moon”. I kept trying to get a shot here and there as I peeked on it (my favorite show was on so it was a tough one lol). Although all lunar eclipses have a red glow around them, a few groups believe that the lunar eclipse, or blood moon, signifies the end of the world. “Coupling these technological advancements with today’s news about the Rocket Lab launch contract is a huge step forward for us in opening whole new markets for space exploration”.

“Our goal is to blaze a trail to the Moon to unlock its mysteries and resources, so we can improve life on Earth“, Mr Richards says. These launches will blast Moon Express’ MX-1 lander into space aboard Rocket Lab’s 52.5-foot-tall (16 meters) Electron rocket. For instance, one staff, Astrobotic, signed a contract in 2011 to launch its lunar lander aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

While speaking to the conference attendees, Richards said that they are hoping for a full service capability.

Out of the five-launch deal, three have been confirmed as happening and the final two are optional in case the company doesn’t nail the landings as planned.

I READ with alarm and dismay the article in the newspaper dated September 29 titled Blood moon a biblical sign, says scientist in which Mr Stephen Mendes, chief technical officer of the Barbados Astronomical Society alleged to have made these claims at no less a place than the Harry Bayley Observatory. No private company has ever soft-landed a probe on the moon before, and it’s not easy.


Sixteen teams remain in the running for the Google Lunar X Prize, so the outcome remains very much up in the air.

Moon Express MX-1