First Trailer And Synopsis For Arrow Season 4

Back in Starling City, it seems like Diggle, Thea and Laurel have the whole vigilante bit under control.



Oh, and then we’re gonna have to deal with the fact that Malcolm Merlyn is the new Ra’s, which is probably awkward for Nyssa most of all.


With the fourth season of Arrow only a month away, fans have plenty to get excited about.

Actor Paul Blackthorne (Captain Quentin Larry Lance) had tweeted a photo of Rutina Wesley (“True Blood“, “Hannibal”) as Lady Cop on the Arrow Season 4 set a few days ago, but now The CW has released an official photo via director Lexi Alexander’s Twitter account.

It’s been known that the Arrow would pick up a new crimefighting outfit this season, but the trailer gave us a glimpse of the moment it happens – and as all grand reveals should be, it involves a curtain and a glass case.

Also in this trailer, we get a quick sense as to what everything thinks happened to Ray Palmer (Starling City was re-named following his “death”), and also how Oliver and Felicity are settling back into normal life again. Adds the EP, “There’s an obvious call to duty, but it’s surprising, too, because the way he handles his return is different from what we’ve seen in the past”. The intriguing tagline has me very curios about its meaning. Does it mean literally, as in Oliver will be scaling more skyscrapers to shoot down his enemies? Matt Ryan, who will be reprising his role of Constantine, pops up briefly, but much of the trailer is devoted to the season’s new “big-bad”, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough). He looks rather intimidating in his new headgear, doesn’t he?

Unfortunately, Diggle’s helmet makes an appearance!


Debuting at Dragon Con, the footage shows a domesticated Oliver who has moved into a house in the suburbs with Felicity. The Season 4 trailer also shows a lot of Curtis Holt aka Mr. Terrific. She loves to travel, attend conventions, play with her cat and dog, and otherwise enjoy life.

First we’re introduced to a new Oliver Queen — a happier Oliver with no green hood holding him back.