Fischer says Russian role in Syria portends darker days

In an interview with Russia Today TV Channel on Wednesday, Shaaban added that the Russian vision carries a deep understanding of what is happening in Syria and the region, and that the terror poses a threat against the whole world, calling on everyone to listen to what Russian President Vladimir Putin is saying about Syria and the region.


The hypocrisy we’ve seen in the last day or so – even by the standards of the endless war lobby – has been truly breathtaking.

I believe we must tell the Russians that we will conduct [and] we will secure a no-fly zone around anti-Assad rebel forces that we’re supporting”, she said on Fox News’s “Hannity”.

Later at a news briefing following the meeting of the Middle East Quartet – the European Union, Russia, the United Nations and the United States, Kerry expressed US concerns about the nature and the type of the targets of Russian airstrikes in Syria.

The Russian aid to Syria doesn’t actually have to be used in the war crimes for criminal liability to kick in, Rapp said. Of course, western motives for destabilizing Syria and backing violent “rebels” to kill Syrian soldiers and overthrow the Syrian government are never selfish, but only benign and humanitarian.

“These air strikes will extend the life of the war as a first step”, said Bashar Al Zoubi, who commands one of the largest mainstream rebel groups fighting in southern Syria under the Free Syrian Army banner. All a prosecutor would have to prove is that Russian officials were aware of Assad’s atrocities and that the assistance to the regime committing the atrocities was substantial. The moderate Syrian opposition forces need to be part of the solution here. United States bombing of ISIS has killed at least 584 noncombatant civilians in Syria and Iraq. U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told Congress, using the administration’s preferred acronym for ISIS, that he wants recruits “to have the right mindset and ideology, not be aligned with groups like ISIL…[and] to fight ISIL”. If U.S.-trained rebels turn their weapons against the Syrian regime and Russian warplanes bomb them, would that compel American F-22s to attack the Russians-and then force the Russian Su-30s to intervene?

Meanwhile Syrian government has confirmed that it had asked Russian Federation to send in troops to Syria to help fighting the anti-Asad fighters.


Don’t pretend for a moment that that terrifying notion hasn’t crossed the minds of generals and politicians in both Moscow and Washington.

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