Five takes on funding Planned Parenthood

Activists in Maine are speaking out for Planned Parenthood’s care in what they are calling “Pink Out Speak Out”. UNC Sophomore Alicia Neal, who is against abortions, said she supported the bill.


However, those who opposed approving the budget if funds were to be earmarked for the organization could not muster enough votes to prevail because the Republican legislative majority wanted to avoid a partial government shutdown similar to the one that occurred in 2013.

Fiorina’s refusal to endorse other elements of Clinton’s graying brand of feminism has also made waves. “I do not believe in a God who would consider abortion a sin”. Debating the issue is as asinine as denying the sun rises every morning, there’s just no point.

Ironically, the right to choose abortion is defended as an application of the right of women to their bodies, that is, as a property right (self-ownership). “Entry into the managerial classes depended on postponement of child bearing, or not having any at all“, Morse told the Register.

Scott said he did not know if the videos that have inspired conservatives in Congress to cut funding for Planned Parenthood are reputable.

But Fiorina’s leadership on life issues also is being tested.

Watch Roland Martin, Rep. Brenda Lawrence, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss Tuesday’s Congressional hearing on Planned Parenthood in the video clip above.

This N.C. bill is a reaction to recent videos published by The Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion group. That was not the truth, as the chart showed that the source of the information was an anti-abortion organization. The PPFA president and Democrats criticized CMP and the videos. God created abortion. As he did all of us. It was filmed at an abortion clinic.

Fox told us that while federal funding is being attacked by Congress that there remains issues at the state level.

Thus far, Fiorina has opted not to clarify her statement. This is even more objectionable, considering what Richards thinks of her opponents. At least one former official of Planned Parenthood claims that it provided bonuses to employees for “selling” a certain number of abortions.

A new report refutes those claims.

Two days later, Planned Parenthood signaled its displeasure. While the Greenville clinic has been cleared, Planned Parenthood’s suspension was put on hold after the organization disputed four of the cited violations and sought a review. They chanted slogans and threw condoms as Fiorina tried to address the audience. Pro-choice groups say the videos were doctored in an attempt to ruin the nonprofit business. He said he felt strongly that federal money should be shifted away from Planned Parenthood so it could go to other health care research.

Planned Parenthood provides preventative women’s health services across the country and is largely responsible for taking abortion conversations out of back alleys and into sunshine. The net result would be $528 million that is now allocated to the largest abortion provider in the world being transferred to community health centers for the care of women.

The bill has very little chance of clearing the Senate and, even then, would face a veto from President Barack Obama.

No one should ever listen to Hollywood again when they come to speak out against the waterboarding of terrorist suspects, or raising calves in a box, or the need for cruelty-free shampoo.


Now, Fiorina’s candidacy will help expose the internal contradictions within mainstream feminism that have festered for decades. That effort was blocked by a Democratic-led filibuster. They have less access to a trusted health care provider, less contraceptive use, more birth control failures, and inadequate access to family planning and sex education programs.

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