Florida bond hearing becomes reunion for childhood friends

“Did you go to Nautilus for middle school?” the judge asked.


“Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!”

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, he shuffled uncomfortably while the Judge, Mindy Glazer spoke.

MIAMI, Fla.- A burglary suspect in Florida broke down in the courtroom after an unlikely class reunion. I used to play football with him – and look what happened. She said “what’s sad is how old we’ve become”.

“It just brought back memories of how smart he was”.

Miller said Booth chose the path of drugs and crime over academics but that he is still a good father, grandfather and person.

Glazer maintains her composure in the video, smiling and shuffling the papers on her desk as she offers a measure of solace and encouragement to Booth.

He smiled and put his hand to his face, then the significance hit him. Glazer tells Booth that she’s always wondered what happened to him and says that she hopes that he can lead a lawful life after his current legal troubles have been sentenced.

NBC reports that Booth was arrested on Monday on suspicion of robbery. When stopped by police, Booth allegedly fled, crashing the auto and running away on foot.


The defendant, Arthur Booth, was arrested on several felony charges, including burglary, and, at the conclusion of this hearing, would be granted bail at $43,000.

Moment burglary suspect recognises judge as old classmate -