Florida Shooting Leaves Three Dead

The gunman fatally shot the Good Samaritan.


Police responded to reports of the shooting outside the town hall in Inglis, Florida. Investigators believe he was the one who shot all three victims and then took his own life. His condition is not known. Deputies say the incident started as a domestic disturbance at a home near the community center.

Deputies said they saw a man in the window of the second story of the home.

Three people are dead and one person has life-threatening injuries after a shooting in Levy County near the town hall Thursday evening.

When officers enter the residence, they found the body of a woman on the first floor. Two guns were recovered.

Tummond said Terhune, a Vietnam veteran, was across the street when he heard the gunfire, noticed that children were nearby and went to intervene.


The shooting comes hours after 10 people were confirmed dead and 7 injured by a lone male shooter at Umpqua Community College in Oregon early this morning.

Florida crime scene