Floyd Mayweather fights Ronda Rousey

But, now we know who’d win if they were Street Fighter characters.


BOXING’S pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather might be retired, but UFC champion Ronda Rousey is still taking shots at him after the multi-time title-holder’s final fight returned paltry numbers compared to his typical draw at the box office. The result is this mayweather vs. rousey mod, lol. Mayweather was initially featured fighting and winning against another “Street Fighter 4” character. Instead, they fought in the streets. Both champs showcased some of their signature moves. Although the notion of the two actually fighting is absurd, it’s a popular topic that simply won’t go away because the two keep throwing barbs at one another. For her part, Ronda Rousey got a sharp zinger in at the ESPYs at Mayweather’s expense, saying her win as fighter of the year was nice because it was a woman beating Floyd for a change. Meanwhile, Mayweather recently improved to 49-0 after defeating Andre Berto in what he says was his last professional fight. However, Rousey was unamused and continued to bash the boxing champion.

In the meantime, Rousey continues to draw record-breaking numbers in her UFC matches.


While Rousey has set the bar for female fighters to aim for, her UFC 193 opponent, Holly Holm, is chasing her own bit of history.

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