Footage emerges of Nicolas Cage suiting up for Superman Lives

Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel.


The now 51-year-old Cage can be seen in full costume as the superhero in a new crowd funded documentary about the failed flick titled The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened?. I particularly love Cage’s floppy goth hair – this is so very much a Tim Burton Superman, and judging by what we have seen from the film, it looks like it would have married some of Burton’s earlier sensibilities with his later ones, for better or worse.

In the trailer, he can be heard saying, “Why are you trying to depress me so much today?”

Fast forward to the present day, she is the costume designer for the upcoming CBS series Supergirl, starring newcomer Melissa Benoist.

Photos of this moment have been floating around for years, but as director assistant Derek Frey calls it, this particular footage shows the “holy grail”. With it’s sculpted muscle-padding, the costume looks a lot like the Bat suit that Michael Keaton wore in Burton’s “Batman“.

It may seem unbelievable – and more than a little awesome – but it nearly happened, with the Batman director actually going into preproduction with Superman Lives in the late 1990s until the studio pulled the plug on what is now one of the most famous movies never made. Source: celebrity news


Director Jon Schnepp’s documentary examines why the high-profile project never made it to the big screen in a single bound.

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