Foreign students love President Xi Jinping according to video made by the

They detail Xi’s experience in the crucible of the Cultural Revolution, where the young man was bullied and taunted over his father’s political status.


A video that features foreign students praising Chinese President Xi Jinping has been released by the ruling Communist Party’s official newspaper, People’s Daily. “So everyone just looks at him and they just like him”.

“Handsome, yah, he is super charismatic”, gushes a woman from California, who adds that Xi came to her school and she “read him a poem”. It first appeared on YouTube, which is blocked in China, but was subsequently posted on the paper’s website.

Experts on U.S.-China relations have highly commented on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech in Seattle, saying Xi’s ongoing state visit to the United States ushers in a great opportunity for the two sides to expand areas of cooperation.

The name “Xi Dada”, which literally translates as “Xi Big-big”, is a term of endearment for the Chinese leader, meaning “Uncle Xi” or “Daddy Xi”.

The use “of foreign students gives the video a sense of fashionability, “hip-ness” and a pretence of cool”, Cull said. They are accused of fraudulently obtaining EB-5 immigrant-investor visas to enter the USA and of laundering money from China.

Not surprisingly, the video was met with chuckles on Twitter, with one commentator, Bloomberg economist Tom Orlik, noting that “soft power victories remain elusive for Beijing”.

The clip features students from all corners of the globe – including Cameroon, Vanuatu, France, Japan and the United States – giving their very favorable impressions of the Chinese president. A version of it was available on the People’s Daily mobile app in China, but there was little mention of it in Chinese social media, with only a few comments about it on Weibo.

Yet the issue of human rights is unlikely to dominate the agenda when Xi is welcomed at the White House on Friday.

In particular, they hope Obama will stress his opposition to a planned Chinese law imposing onerous new regulations and limits on the activities of civil society, charitable and nongovernmental organizations.

Meanwhile, if President Barack Obama is feeling at all neglected by all the love Xi is getting from foreigners in China, he shouldn’t. And on September 19, People’s Daily aired videos in which people in Washington, D.C.

“If my husband is like him, I will be happy”, proclaims one girl.

Yang Xiuzhu’s brother, Yang Jinjun, 57, was sent back to China on Sept 18 through “close cooperation” between the judicial, law enforcement and foreign affairs authorities of China and the United States, said China’s chief anticorruption body, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), in a statement.

“I don’t think there’s a single person who would watch this and say: “Oh, interesting”.


It’s a regular love-fest, China-style.

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