Formula 1 leader Lewis Hamilton looking to regain momentum at Japanese GP

Its back-to-back F1 races and following an exciting race on Marina Bay Street, the F1 juggernaut has arrived at the much-loved Sukuza global circuit in Japan.


Vettel was victorious in the Singapore grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton retired after 33 laps and Nico Rosberg finished fourth. “The majority of them believe one of the reasons is that it was down to a domino effect, and although they’re confident it was understood, they will still continue to look for answers”.

That gives us just enough confidence to recommend a bet on a Lewis Hamilton-Nico Rosberg dual forecast at 6/5. The auto has not got slower. Was Mercedes’ Singapore slump a blip or something more serious?

There have been a number of conspiracy theories about what happened, including that Mercedes were given different types of tyres than other teams. “So that’s what I’m focusing on, then once I manage that I will think about the rest”.

“That’s it, I didn’t think more than that”.

Despite the unfamiliar feeling of a flat grand prix Hamilton attempted to put on a courageous face.

A relaxed Hamilton added: “As you have seen I am very chilled about the weekend“.

It’s the sort of track that Red Bull Racing could be very strong at now that they seem to be getting all their updates working. We’re very fortunate to have had the success we’ve had. I out-qualified my team mate – and was ahead of him in the race before the auto broke. That was the first time in a long time.

“I’m just looking at the 41 points to Lewis”.

“Equally, I don’t believe that somebody found a second and a half from one weekend to the other”. Sometimes there are going to be situations like that, but I am hoping that we have learned from that weekend and it won’t happen again.

Mercedes was surprisingly off the pace in Singapore, but expects to return to dominance on the higher-speed Suzuka circuit where Hamilton won a year ago ahead of Rosberg and Vettel.

For neutrals there was nothing bad about the outcome of the race. If it has, and Ferrari dominate like they did last weekend, a battle royal with their driver Sebastian Vettel could be on the cards over the remaining six races.

Christian Horner said Vettel, his former driver, is back in contention.


“I can’t tell you what the team have come up with but they have come up with a lot of solutions, a lot of reasons for it being the way it was”, said Hamilton.

Rosberg I can turn it around