Fox News announces prime-time GOP debate participants

“Expect it to be a Trump-centric debate”, Yepsen said.


As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, the candidates who will participate in the debate include Trump, who came in as No. 1, and Iowa’s leading candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, as well as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who at the end of July became the most recent to announce his presidential bid.

The latest polls show Trump pulling wide support from roughly one in four Republican voters, but if preparing to go toe-to-toe against the former reality TV star feels a little surreal, his competitors aren’t letting on.

The outspoken property mogul and host of the American version of The Apprentice launched his campaign by calling for a 2,000-mile wall to be built between Mexico and the USA, labelling Mexican immigrants as “criminals” and “rapists”.

Nakagiri, though, says that has been just what is needed.

“If it gets people into listening and into caring about politics, it’s OK”, said Lehr.

“Conservatives have sometimes rallied around good candidates who just weren’t electable”. However, the last presidential cycle taught us that anyone can find his or her moment in the spotlight.

Those efforts may have already paid off in Livingston County.

With his unpredictable style and unformed policy positions, Mr Trump does not fit neatly into any one segment of the Republican Party, which appears to be a draw for a section of the party’s base frustrated with Washington and career politicians. “What is Donald Trump’s net worth?” Christie? Those candidates might not resonate as much with Ohio voters. At the moment, that spotlight certainly belongs to Mr. Trump in most states and is shared with Governor Bush in Florida.

For Rubio, a freshman Florida senator, it’s an invitation to show off his oratory skills and his status as a new face of the GOP. Carson, a neurosurgeon, is a political outsider like Trump.

Fox News used five national polls to decide which 10 candidates would be on the stage, and a mong those bumped to the earlier forum are former Texas governor Rick Perry and businesswoman Carly Fiorina, the only woman in the field.

As it turns out, Fox News says they’ll also be broadcasting the debate on the Web site and via the FoxNews mobile apps.

“I look forward to answering questions on Thursday in Cleveland”, Fiorina said in a statement. “I’m not looking to attack them”, he said.

While Trump was far and away the front-runner in the five most recent national polls that determined the debate lineup, several candidates were grouped together in the single digits, most separated by a number smaller than the margin of error. “But there is some support for Sen”.


It would be hard to predict what impact Vice President Joe Biden would have were he to enter the race, she added. Suite 107 and 23535 W. I-10, Suite 1101) will be tuned in to Thursdays Fox News Republican Presidential Debate in Cleveland.