France launches air strikes against Islamic State in Syria

Iraqi military and police, backed by Shi’ite militias, Sunni tribal fighters and U.S.-led coalition air strikes, are making slow progress in trying to retake the city, 100 kilometers (60 miles) west of Baghdad, from the Sunni militants. ISIS has moved into Syria from Iraq.


Plastered with posters But the distinction feels lost in al-Ameen, the Shia quarter of the old city of Damascus – whose alleyways are plastered with posters commemorating the dead of fighting units with resonant religious names like Fatemiyoun, Zaynabiyoun or the Sayyida Ruqayya Martyrs Brigade.

Sunday’s statement from the French presidency called for a “comprehensive response (to the) Syrian chaos”, saying: ‘Civilian populations must be protected against all forms of violence, that of Daesh (IS) and other terrorist groups, but also against the murderous bombings of (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad‘.

He disagrees with the US that Russia’s deeper involvement in Syria could escalate the conflict.

Moscow has been bolstering its presence in Syria in the past month. Iran continues to supply Assad with massive military support replete with advisers, intelligence and ground troops.

The loss of Ramadi carried special significance for veterans of the long US war in Iraq.

Vlad the builder. The Institute for the Study of War has released a series of new satellite images showing new airstrip construction at the Istamo Weapon Storage Facility southeast of Latakia, Syria.

ISIS provides Western allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar with a way to advance their influence in the region against Iran. “We feel isolated inside our own country and feel we are being forced to flee to Europe”.

The unidentified security official, quoted by Iraqi official media, said three bases where ISIS maintained “substantial military resources” were completely destroyed, including storage houses for ammunition and a number of vehicles.

Another harsh reality the Obama administration would rather ignore emerged from the interview with Muslim: “The Syrian armed opposition is nearly wholly dominated by Isis and its al-Qaeda equivalents”.

“There’s absolutely considerable defensive obstacles in their way”, Ryder mentioned.

But in recent months Iran is said to have stopped paying the forces’s personnel, adding to the growing strain on the Assad regime – admitted by the president in an unusually frank speech in July. That said, the makeup of the government must reflect the demographic composition of the country, including the Alawites.

U.S. Army troops who take part in the campaign against the Islamic State will now receive an official patch for their effort. So we stood neutral.

“There were many hundreds of people there who observed”.

Sixth, a comprehensive plan should be developed to effectively deal with the massive refugee problem. “It would be expedient to discuss certain issues with the Americans and the military Syrian opposition, and other forces that are fighting against ISIS”, Sazhin said. I must ask though, what is the alternative? The US has little choice but to accept this simple reality.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to speak at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday.

French President Francois Hollande speaks at a news conference at U.N. headquarters Sunday Sept. 27 2015. President Hollande says six French jet fighters targeted and destroyed an Islamic State training camp in eastern Syria