Fred Maldonado: Man Claims In-N-Out Served Him A Meth Milkshake

Beloved West Coast burger chain In-N-Out is being sued by a customer who says he got sick after drinking a milkshake containing two capsules of methamphetamine.


The suit states that Maldonado bought a burger and drink from the drive- through lane of the restaurant on Firestone Boulevard on March 9, 2014.

Fred Maldonado filed a lawsuit against In-N-Out on Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court, City News Service reports.

Though Maldonado was unaware of what the blue gelatin capsules were at the time, later testing found that they contained methamphetamine, according to toxicology findings from last August.

But while some would have dropped to their knees and thanked the ice gods for their good fortune, this fellow was not amused and went back to have a word with the manager, who “apologized and offered Maldonado a certificate for a free burger” in addition to the free meth he’d already received.

A man claims he was served a milkshake laced with meth capsules.


In-N-Out said in a statement that they are fighting the allegations in the lawsuit. While eating the food in his nearby motel room, Maldnado said he began to feel ill, suffering “nausea and severe mental distress”. “Due to the fact that this matter involves ongoing litigation, we will unfortunately not be able to comment any further”, In-n-Out Executive Vice-President Arnie Wensinger said. The complaint seeks unspecified damages. “We will vigorously defend these baseless claims”.

Man Sues In-N-Out Claiming He Found Meth In Drink