Full House stars slam unauthorized TV movie

The Full House cast didn’t seem to enjoy The Unauthorized Full House Story when it aired Saturday night.


Candace Cameron Bure, AKA DJ Tanner, for one, really didn’t mince words on her opinion on the adaptation, simply saying it was “So bad”.

Bure also retweeted a picture that Andrea Barber posted of her character Kimmy Gibbler’s signature unimpressed face.

Producer Jeff Franklin, who created “Full House“, thought the movie was “not so good”.

Lifetime has put together a couple ofUnauthorized Story TV movies at this point, and they havent exactly been known for wonderful acting or accurate behind-the-scenes plotlines.

With the Full House reboot pending on Netflix, fans have been wondering whether the twins will show up, as most of the original cast has already committed to the show. “And for the record, I never had a fight with Bob Saget. But at least they spelled our names right!” “We hid behind the other actors!” In fact, the Unauthorized Story movies have been gimmicky at best, but they havent stopped the stars from the shows they are revisiting from rolling their eyes a time or five.

Unauthorized goes just as heavy on the cheese as Full House did – aiming, I suppose, to provide a loving tribute to the show it’s lightly attacking. “Lol.” Another said that “the acting in this movie is bad”. He told EW, “Everything in the movie happened”.


“Lifetime film has taken a lot of liberties”.

Jason LaVeris  FilmMagic