G7 and Gulf states allot US$1.8B to Syrian refugees

Panic erupted, many children were crying.


This language is aimed at protecting Moscow’s close ally Syria.

While the influx of refugees into Europe continues, concern is being expressed by many that Muslims refugees from Syria are a threat to Europe Christian heritage.

“Somalia”, he replies, and then averts his gaze, saying: “Please don’t film me”. They, like all aid organizations in Syria, are struggling to keep up.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres thanked Germany and donor countries for stepping up with financial contributions. The volunteers set off to help another boat that had just arrived. At first it said it would take 10,000 Syrians. According to the UNHCR, 82% of them are from Syria, 14% from Afghanistan and 3% from Iraq. Or as author Anthony Fenton puts it more bluntly, “The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a new name for the old concept of humanitarian intervention, or humanitarian imperialism”. Conditions are poor with soiled mattresses and overflowing toilets.

There are more than 20 million refugees and asylum seekers in the world, a level not seen since WWII. No doctors were available until late July and on a few days the municipality has not been able to provide food. Their dialect will be recognized as not Syrian, or they may be found not to have good knowledge of the geography of the place they claim to come from. It’s an global crisis that must be solved by all governments. “The city got shelled day and night”. Locals and tourists are transporting the refugees; and volunteers are cleaning the camps. “The infrastructure is there, the community support is there”.

The EU’s €474m new funding programme for Greece is expected to alleviate the situation. People fleeing the devastation of war, repression and poverty, caused by political instability and capitalism, face nightmare journeys in an attempt to reach what they hope is safety.

All told, Syrians tell a story of a country, devastated by four years of punishing war, that is now being depopulated of its educated middle class. Ann Richard, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Migration, and Refugees explains in an interview in New York.

While these countries are taking these refugees in there are the issues of housing and employment. It is now improving reception infrastructure in many locations.

The Ukrainian president is issuing a strong condemnation of Russia’s aggression against his country, urging the worldwide community to restrain Moscow’s veto power in the United Nations Security Council. Not for nothing is Greece the cradle of civilisation. Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry also announced the U.S. refugee intake cap will increase to 100,000 by 2017.

More than 60 countries, including Arab nations, are working together and launching military airstrikes in an attempt to wipe out IS, which has taken control of large regions in Iraq and Syria. “A lot of people don’t quite understand what’s happening, there’s confusion over who’s a refugee and who’s a migrant,” he said. The United States now takes in 70,000 total refugees each year, but has previously accepted “barely 1,800 Syrians” since fighting erupted in the country, reported Business Insider. Regardless, the European Union has stood for refugees. They are seeking refuge in the EU.

On Lesbos there are up to 2,000 daily arrivals.

One could be forgiven for thinking that Cameron and the Sun were referring to two different topics, not the singular ongoing plight of millions of people in the Western-induced bedlam of the Middle East and North Africa.

Turkey has long called for the creation of safe zones.

Also, on a moral plane, they can argue that, unlike the US and its Western partners, they were not responsible for creating the mess in West Asia and, hence, they cannot be blamed in any way if they refuse to accept refugees in large numbers. Their religion should not be a factor in determining Canada’s refugee policy.

The flow is small so far – only 400 recorded cases this year – but governments in Europe, overwhelmed by a tide of humanity crossing the Aegean Sea and surging up through the Balkans, will be wondering how and why Russian Federation has come to be a conduit for migrants. “But safe areas should not undermine the right of people to seek and enjoy asylum“.


Ibrahim Al Sabe made it to Germany one month after his departure from Syria.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a meeting of the German Federal Parliament Bundestag at the Reichstag building in Berlin Germany Thursday Oct. 1 2015