Gamescom 2015 Microsoft Xbox Demo Exclusives Off Ticketed Dates: ‘ReCore

Microsoft confirmed that the beta version for iOS is now limited to users that are already part of the Xbox One SmartGlass Beta via the Apple store (build 2.108 or higher). Will you be upgrading to Windows 10 anytime soon? Yet, even later into the evening, the Xbox Support account tweeted that the company was “working hard to make sure you can access all of your game & app content”.


Microsoft has been working to improve the Xbox One’s value proposition through offering features like backwards compatibility and the ability to stream games from the Xbox One to Windows 10 devices.

What’s left is an unintuitive and frustrating mess, so the arrival of a new dashboard designed with Windows 10 unification in mind may be welcomed with open arms.

You can also download the Xbox Live Events Player app today on your console and Windows Phone so you’re ready on 4 August.

Don’t worry, when you’re gaming you’ll be able to turn off the microphone on your tablet or PC so other gamers don’t hear your mutterings.

While everything appears to be rosy for Xbox so far, IGN reveals that two of its exclusive will have to miss the said event.

The new Xbox One update is planned to release this Fall, and Microsoft will likely unveil more concrete info in the coming months. Windows 10 streaming, for now, is also a one-way affair.

For many, Sign in is now possible but when it come to actually playing online, an error message telling them that they are in fact using their home screen in offline mode. Right now, Microsoft still has a lot of details to work out.


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