Gasoline prices in Arizona at $2.37 per gallon

The national average – $2.28 a gallon for unleaded – has dropped 39 cents during a 35-day plunge. “Both averages are at their lowest prices since February”, says AAA Oregon/Idaho Public Affairs Director Marie Dodds. The Denver Post reports that Colorado prices are slightly higher than the national average, at $2.55 per gallon. The price in Oklahoma City averaged $2.10 per gallon and stood at $2.04 per gallon in Tulsa. Oklahoma fares even better; at $2.06 a gallon the prices are the lowest there in over a decade.


Gasoline prices around Arizona this week are at their lowest level in five months. It’s Alaska, which is also nearing that mark with an average of $3.06. With much of the country now on winter gasoline, there is less pressure on prices during the upcoming fall maintenance season at the nation’s refineries. But after operating at or near capacity during the summer, many refineries will need to shut down for seasonal maintenance. However, this is not expected to raise retail prices.


Regular gas averaged less than $2, according to AAA, in six states on Thursday, including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, South Carolina and Tennessee. GasBuddy said almost one out of four stations nationally is selling regular for less than $2 a gallon. “So long as current market factors persist, Arizona drivers could see sub-$2 prices in the near future”. The most charges were really come across in Fairfield County coordinating the legal system ordinary at $2.54.

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