Geelani grieved over Mina stampede deaths

Attahiru Jega, Justice Abdulkadir Jega also lost his life in the stampede on Thursday. The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Saudi Gazette or of its team.


Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj wrote on Sunday on Twitter that Saudi officials released photos of “1,090 pilgrimswho died at Mina.

He acknowledged that managing a mammoth crowd, sometimes in excess of two million people during every annual pilgrimage, was no mean task, for which the Saudi authorities deserved commendation.

According to his Lordship, the two late Justices had never been found wanting in the discharge of their responsibilities describing them as highly principled on the Bench.

Until Friday night, families of nine people, who went to perform Hajj, correspondents about their passing away.

Some relatives of the deceased Bangladeshi Hajj pilgrims were also injured inThursday’s incident, the families said. At the same time, the Saudi official toll is still below 800.

The focal person said while in New York, the prime minister was personally monitoring efforts for the Pakistani pilgrims.

“My father has been buried in Saudi Arabia with the consent of other family members”, he said.

The Emir’s death was confirmed to journalists by the Chairman of the state Pilgrims Board, Hamman Tukur, who added that some pilgrims from the state were still missing.

Rahmani Fazli noted that President Rouhani who is now in New York for the 70th session of UN General Assembly has discussed the Mina tragedy in all of his meetings with heads of various countries.


But even before the hajj began, disaster struck Mecca as a tower construction crane crashed into the Grand Mosque on September 11, killing at least 111 people.

Pilgrims move towards the Jamarat to stone the symbolic devil in Mina Mecca