George Miller denies Man of Steel 2 rumours

Most people were expecting the next film in the DCEU to be “Man of Steel 2”, but Zack Snyder put an end to that idea when he announced “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Miller confirmed this week that even if there has been talk about a Man of Steel 2 offer, those discussions have been minimal.


After delivering one of the best action movies of the year with “Mad Max: Fury Road“, it was inevitable that George Miller would be linked to a couple of big budget movies -he’s been tossed around as a potential candidate for “Man Of Steel 2” and “Justice League Dark”.

In fact, Miller would like his next project to be something far smaller in scope.

Here’s the video interview, from Digital Spy.

After the box office success of Mad Max: Fury Road, which earned $153 million domestic and $374.7 million worldwide, many fans are curious about what director George Miller will do next.

“I love working in mythology, and the superhero movies are basically new incarnations of the Greek and Roman mythologies, so it’s always something I’m interested in”, Miller said.

Miller also revealed that he’s hoping his next movie will be low on special effects and stunt work, so unless he has a change of heart it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing him turning his hand to the DC universe any time soon.


Miller directing a DC Comics film would probably be great, and I’d be happy to watch it. But let’s face it: the director is not getting any younger.

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