German Boy finds Mummy in Grandmother’s Attic

A German family is beginning to find itself in troubled waters as it is not able to answer questions about the mummy that was suddenly found by the son who had gone to his grandparents’ house. Alexander Kettler, the son of a German dentist Lutz Wolfegane, found a Mummy like object inside a wooden box when he was playing inside the home of his grandmother in Diepholz, Northern Germany. The Mummy is wrapped inside a sarcophagus and there are other adornments packed alongside the mummy.



Mummy 1When asked by media men if the Mummy smelled bad or foul, Kettler replied in negative. The family believes that the Mummy has been lying there probably for the last 40-50 years. But Lutz also says that teir house was built around 1970 in this small German city called Diepholz. The father, when asked about the Mummy, said that his father went to Northern Africa in the 50’s and real Mummy trade was rampant at that time. He believes that the Mummy might be real though the jar and the sarcophagus appear to be dubious. He says that he plans to take the Mummy down to Berlin for a thorough analysis by the experts. Lutz says that his father belonged t an old generation that had experienced the ravages of the war and did not speak much. He said that his father did not speak much about his trip to North African countries during the 50’s. However, he remembered that his father once mentioned going to a city by the name of Derna in Libya.


Though attics are places that are used by grandmas to shove old and useless items, the object discovered by the 10 year old German boy seems to be weird and unusual. Along with the mummy, the family also found a canopic jar that is believed to have been used by ancient Egyptians to store human organs. Kettler has no idea how this 1.6m long wooden box could have come to this old German city of Diepholz of a places in the world. Only the laboratory testing can reveal if the figure lying inside the sarcophagus is a real mummy or not. If it is proven that the mummy is indeed real, Egyptian authorities may ask for it to be transported back to their country. There are some mummies of Egyptian royalties that have been missing.


The father of the boy says that he has not conducted an X-ray examination of the mummy to try to find out itsMummy 3 authenticity. Till scientists find out its authenticity or duplicity, the origins of the mummy remain a mystery. But real or not, little Alexander is feeling proud of his sudden discovery that has made him popular ion the neighborhood.



The news about the discovery of the mummy has reached Egypt where the authorities have said that they will check if the mummy in Germany was indeed registered at a museum in Egypt and if went out of the country legally. Abdul Maqsoud, a spokesperson at the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, has said that diplomacy is the best way to resolve such delicate issues.