Girls Are Live-Tweeting Their Periods To Donald Trump

The controversy, one of many involving Trump, has been dubbed “bloodgate”, and continues to keep his straightforward, no bull attitude in the spotlight.


Jimmy Fallon has found a calling at least through the 2016 Presidential election.

An online defence of periods has been trending, after Donald Trump’s comments about “blood coming out of” Megyn Kelly, the host of last week’s Republican party leadership debate.

First, Trump’s comments about Kelly: “When I said blood was coming out of her wherever I obviously meant nose and ears”.

It all started with Trump’s response to Kelly’s challenge during Thursday’s debate.

He’s denied that the comment was about her period, saying only a “deviant” mind would make that connection, and that he was actually referencing that time-honoured phrase: “blood pouring out of their eyes”. If recent events are any indication, though, it won’t be long before he has something immature to say about the hashtag, maybe that they’re the deviants, not him. I was not referring to hormones or menstruation.

Example two: Something about Carly Fiorina having too much junk in her Hyundai Sonata. “But, as a woman who still works with him today, I don’t think Donald Trump has a problem with women”.


Trump” had a lot more to say about his desire to have a foursome with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Nick Minaj and his love of Fat Tony’s “big greasy sausage”.

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