Golf Cart of the Future from Mercedes

It is the status symbol for the super rich and aspiration of all upwardly mobile business class and executives. Mercedes has all along been a car that has been a synonym for luxury. If you have always desired but could not afford a Mercedes, how about owning a compact car from the company that is being touted as the future of golf carts?



But wait, it is not the car that is in the line of production to be made available to the customers in a short time period.Golf Cart of the Future The Vision Golf Cart presented by Mercedes Benz at this year’s Open Championship was a result of ideas that were submitted by golf lovers around the world to the company. It was on the basis of these designs that the design department of the company came up with the golf cart design that was the cynosure of all eyes at the Open Championship. The company did not announce a winner of the competition but rather combined the best and the most innovative ideas to come up with the unique design of this concept car. However, all the fans whose design ideas were incorporated in the concept car were provided with VIP passes at the open championship.


The golf cart will charge itself on sunny days

The vehicle is electric and runs on solar powered panels charging the battery.  These panels are mounted on the roof top of the car though there is also provision to charge the car manually as is the case with all modern golf carts. There is a lot of technology that has been used inside the interiors but surprisingly there are no extra buttons to make use of these technologies. There are touch screens that allow the user to control most of the features of this golf cart of the future. The car is packed with features that make it one of the most luxurious cars around. Instead of the conventional steering wheel, there is a joystick to maneuver the car around the gold course. With no buttons, either of the two passengers inside the vehicle can control the car using their hands and the touch screen monitors. The reason why the design department gave up on steering wheel was to make it possible for both the occupants of the car to be able to maneuver the car around the gold course.Golf Cart of the Future from Mercedes


Move around the golf course in style and comfort


The centre of attraction in this concept car is the Fore button that is used to alert other players whenever there is a misplaced shot. This way you avoid any damage related lawsuits filed by other players because of damage caused by your misplaced shot. You can shuttle around the golf course in not just comfort but extreme luxury if you own this concept car from Mercedes. But the million dollar questions is whether the company would be interested in making this concept golf cart on a commercial basis and what will it be its price range.