Google bumps max Android APK file size to 100MB

It looks like the folks over at Google are feeling generous enough to raise the Google Play Store’s maximum APK size to hit the 100MB size, which would be double of its previous limit at 50MB.


You’ll need to make sure your Google app is updated to version 5.3, but even then, the feature might not yet be activated.

Expansion Files can still be used to allow for apps that exceed the 100MB barrier, but the aim in increasing the base limit is to speed up the installation for users.

Google’s is giving developers a little more breathing room for their apps. The new size limit applies to apps created for Android 4.0 and above. Developers should still consider other limitations that could affect their users, including slow or intermittent mobile data connectivity, mobile data caps, limitations on hardware performance, and long install times. They also take longer to install and use more system resources.


“Smartphones are powerful devices that can support diverse tasks from graphically intensive games to helping people get work done from anywhere”, Google’s Kobi Glick wrote in a blog post. While APK files were limited to a measly 50MB, apps often download additional files after launching. Particularly in developing countries, many people are coming online with connections slower than those of users in countries like the USA and Japan.

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