Google introduces new 360-degree video ads on YouTube

Now YouTube is offering the 360 degree video ads with TrueView ads.


In March, YouTube began supporting 360-degree video uploads made with compatible 360-degree video cameras.

Google introduces the 360 degree video ads to its TrueView ads on Google Chrome, Android and iOS platform. You can use your mouse to pan around the field of view if you’re on a PC, or you can simply tilt your phone around if you’re on a mobile device. The first 360-degree video ad puts the viewer in the middle of the action, which includes an astounding performance by Diplo, the welcome parade, and the “Turn of An Era” 1920’s themed party. Google says that the 360 video has performed 36 percent better than normal videos. “This innovative new way to deliver ads, comes a short time after Google gave YouTube users the ability to upload 360 videos into YouTube, as numerous major brands, such as Nike and Coca-Cola, quickly began creating brand new videos to engross their possible customers” engagement with the brand.

Bud Light is the first advertiser in the United States to run TrueView ads with 360-degree video. The company’s ads for its “Whatever USA” campaign focus on three events that took place during a takeover of Catalina Island off the coast of southern California.


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