Google Introduces New Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Spotify Support

It has an entirely new design that’s circular and comes with an HDMI cable built in.


Google’s has responded to the crowded streaming market by making the new Chromecast the size and shape of a coin, different from stick-shaped competitors from companies like Amazon or Roku.

Not unsurprisingly given it is now two years old, Google’s screencasting dongle the Chromecast has received an update, but not just one but two: there’s now the Chromecast Audio dedicated to (as the name suggests) music streaming.

The new Chromecast is available for purchase starting today in 17 countries through Google’s online store, it retains the $35 price tag. The new Chromecast comes with three antennas that adapt to changing Wi-Fi conditions in the house. Also new if the Feeds feature, which can be controlled via the new Chromecast app, letting users choose what content the Chromecast will display on screen when on standby.

Users that haven’t got a Netflix subscription will be able to control the Chromecast through the app, allowing them to mute or pause the stream on their own device. The enhanced network capabilities are in conjunction with a faster processor, which result in faster and higher quality streaming with lesser buffering.

The new Chromecast app is the really big improvement for the brand here.

The next thing eye-catching feature of the phone is the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, which let’s you use your fingerprint to unlock your phone.

Those who want to try out the latest apps to add Chromecast support may also want to consider stepping up to the second-generation Chromecast. Yes, that’s right, users can now tap the search bar that is always located at the top of the app and then search for individual TV shows or movies. Chromecast-supporting games will start to appear soon, including Angry Birds Go and WGT Golf. With the Chromecast Audio, however, there’s no more worrying about buying another set of speakers or hoping that your device is compatible with the sound system: it’s plug-and-play at its core, and something that audiophiles should definitely be excited for.


Getting its first major update today, Google Photos will now include support for Chromecast and more relevant to us, the ability to add name labels to photo collections of our loved ones.

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