Google Jumps on Timehop Bandwagon With ‘Rediscover’

Every time you open up the app, it now surfaces photos and videos taken on that date in years past – much like how nostalgia app Timehop works. Now it’s learning a new trick, though this one seems to be cribbed from another popular app.


If you think the memory is worth sharing, you can post it to the social network or send it to someone specific via email.

The feature is reminiscent of Timehop’s functionality for various social media, although Google’s offering is of course limited to just items stored on Photos.

By opting in, you’ll get cards in the Assistant view reminding you of photos from events in your past, including a collage featuring people and places from that day. If not, no worries: The memories Google digs up are completely private, unless you decide to share them. They are introducing several new things on the web version of the cloud photo service, which they say all came from the requests of users. Probably not, but Google does, and today it has publicly called attention to a feature in Google Photos that will bring these past memories back to light.


The new feature is live on the web and in Apple’s iOS App Store right now, and is rolling out to Android as we speak.

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