Google Maps for iOS update brings support for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch has now an updated version 4.11.0 of Google Maps for easy usage especially in traveling to unfamiliar destinations. But preinstalling Apple Maps should be done on iOS devices.


That’s why consumer users, enterprise users, Windows users, Android users – everyone – should take a look at the latest edition of Apple’s privacy policy, published this morning. This is also a timely update for the Apple Watch, as the WatchOS2 now supports transit directions. The smartwatch has a very small screen, so it certainly does not seem like a full map can be displayed on the watch.

There is a difference between the users of Google Maps and Apple Maps.

These alerts draw on iOS 9’s Frequent Locations feature, which the Maps app uses to provide what Apple calls predictive traffic routing.

Booting up Google Maps on the Apple Watch will result in either choosing between going home or to the office, based on your Google account settings. “Helping you get from Point A to Point B matters a great deal to us, but knowing the history of all your Point A’s and Point B’s doesn’t”, Apple explains. Now, comparing Google’s new Maps offering to Apple’s, it’s obvious Google didn’t put a whole lot of work into its watch app.

The app helps all of the modes of transportation you possibly can view in your cellphone, together with driving instructions, strolling, biking and transit.

For instance, users would be able to animate water using 3D Touch to create ripples or waves.

And iCloud: “Some companies mine your cloud data or email for personal information to serve you targeted ads”. Let’s hope this guided tour comes soon to the updated version of Apple Maps.

Elsewhere the iOS update also offers ETA’s for cycling and walking routes, as well as vehicle journeys.


The website is part of an effort by Apple to market its commitment to privacy and security at a time when users are especially concerned about the safety of their data.

Google Maps for easy usage especially in traveling to unfamiliar destinations