Google Now On Tap Enabled For Devices Running Android Marshmallow Preview 3

Google has released three new sample apps that show how certain features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow will work. Well, sort of. If you have a device running the Android 6.0 Marshmallow developer preview 3, you can install the latest version of the Google app (v5.3.19.19) and start to take advantage of its power. However, the apps are not designed for general consumers. Despite the fact it was announced during the same keynote address as Android M however, it wasn’t made available in the Developer Preview, until today.


One of the features that Google extensively demoed on stage during the official sneak peek at Android Marshmallow back in June was no other than Google Now on Tap.

The first of the three apps is by far the more interesting to regular android users as it demonstrates how to incorporate Android 6.0 Marshmallow ” s new sharing system “Direct Share’. Using the APIs provided by the feature, users can share content within one app to a contact, using for example, a social media app.

The sample apps are available now via the Google Samples repository on Github and through the Android Studio samples browser.


Now, a Google App update is rolling out and, among others, it enables Google Now On Tap. With the Direct Share system after hitting the share button the menu that opens includes the options – for apps that include the functionality – to directly share to a contact, so when you hit that button the message opens ready to be sent, illuminating a few steps in the process. It demonstrates how to show some options directly in the list of share intent candidates. As for the Direct Share app, it is based on the feature of the same name. “Specify android:name as android.service.chooser.chooser_target_service, and point the android:value to the Service”. On the other hand, MidiScope demonstrates the API for receiving signals from these devices, but will show the received signals in a screen log instead of playing the messages. Users will have greater control over applications, there will be more improved support for fingerprint scanners, a Visual Voicemail, Android Pay, and lastly a better status bar in which you can now remove icons such as flashlight and airplane mode that you never use.

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