Google to introduce family plan for its music service

In addition, Google will announce the family plan, priced at $14.99 a month, which will include unlimited music streaming for up to six accounts.


We have a guide on how to turn off the auto-renewal feature, but essentially you have to dig a bit deep into your profile settings in Apple Music. A well-publicized study from MusicWatch found the 48% of those who tried Apple Music’s free trail had abandoned the service.

Apple Music has been available for close to three months now, but the streaming service has yet to charge subscribers a penny. But just last week he hammered on Apple Music’s functionality failure, saying the company’s desire to continue supporting the slowly dying iTunes is a big reason for the cluttered interface that makes the service hard for a few people to navigate. Your free trial will still run to its completion, but it won’t be upgraded to a paid membership afterwards. Unfortunately, though, that time is coming to an end this week. You’ll also lose the ability to add streaming music to your personal library and save music you add for offline access.

When Apple Music first launched three months ago, a lot of people eagerly signed up to see what it was all about.

Under Subscriptions, tap Manage.


A MONEY tip: Even if you are planning to subscribe after the free trial, turning off auto-renewal is a smart money practice. Android users will be able to do so “this week”, while iOS users will get the functionality through their Google Photos app “very soon”.

The Google Play Music Family Plan unlimited music streaming for up to six devices for $14.99