Google To Offer Virtual Wills

google-office-mexico6-600x397Ever wonder what will happen to your files if you were to die? Google apparently has you covered as it was revealed that the most used search engine will be offering a service that will allow for a user to decide what they are going to do with the data they have in their Google account. This could range from files, videos, music and pictures. The service allows for the user to choose what happens to their things.


This is not the first thing Google has done to spruce up the spirits of its users. The Google Docs are still a good hit and have been going strong since its release to the world. There are many things in which society has to conform to when it comes to Google. It seems that everything that is out there, Google snatches up. From Docs to YouTube to even Blogger, Google has always been the powerhouse when it comes to the internet. Where there is an idea, there is a reason for it.

There are many things that can make a user want to leave and Google has to make sure that their users are happy. With this implementation, there is going to be another thing that you’re going to be able to do without any hassle. It is often difficult to get a will and it is going to be interesting to see what exactly these documents are going to entail. With the many lawyers out there that focus onDM3_0467 this as their main career, it is hard to believe that it will replace it entirely. This is mainly going to allow for lawyers to have a quicker way to help their clients.


This entire thing has got a lot of people upset about what this could all mean. With the changes that society has to make, there are those who feel that the world doesn’t have to change that much. Some are saying that this could be something that we should be grateful for. With the possibility of making more of an effort to protect our things will be something that has been recently neglected. This is why there are many other things that Google is sure to work on. WIth the right idea, anything can be a reality. It is a smart move to go into this type of area of business. Google is continually making progress in the business world and it seems that it is only the beginning too by the looks of it.