Google trials food photo posts on Maps app

Though services dedicated to photos of food – like Foodspotting or Forkly, for example – have exited the scene (as well as consumers’ collective consciousness) over the years, snapping photos of your delicious dinner still remains a popular activity. Google understands the changing trends where users in a restaurant do not eat food before taking a decent picture of it first.


Back in February, we told you about a new experimental service at Google called Tablescape. If you are one of the few users who got access to this feature, please share your views regarding it in the comments section below. As a user further participates in the program, those benefits increase.

Another new feature is the ability to add easily add businesses. Tapping on the Street View thumbnail you’ll see on the app will bring you the Street View page.

Google: Global search giant Google has come up with a new feature which detects when pictures are captured at restaurants or other food outlets and then suggest users to attach them to the establishment’s location.

It’s unclear if the feature is going to move past the “early rollout” and become available to the entire Google Maps user base. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is now offering a manner for pre-food photographers to get picture of their meals for Google Maps.

And now for the local treat – it appears Google is planning to get Delhi’s public transport routes and schedules integrated into the Maps app. Android Police performed a teardown of Google Maps app v9.12, and noticed code that points to this upcoming feature.

Google is reportedly working on a new Google Maps feature that will harness users’ food photos.


Street View is more than just helpful to travellers.

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