Google unveils new version of Chromecast – updates Cast apps

The device comes with a “Fast Play” feature that lets the Chromecast transfer a video from an app and video content to watch even before you hit play. It’ll be available in black, yellow, and pink color options for , the same price as the original Chromecast.


Secondly, Google announced refresh to the Chromecast app support for Spotify streaming and Google Photos support. Using the same streaming features like the Chromecast for TV but bringing Spotifiy and cross platform support, the Chromecast Audio helps playing music in the house much more easy. The device will also have improved Wi-Fi performance thanks to three internal antennae created to better pick up home wireless networks. You’ll also be able to browse the Chromecast dashboard on your phone without making it show up on the TV, so it’ll function closer to a remote.

A Chromecast gizmo simply requires a HDMI port in which you plug this gadget and a USB port as well. It sits behind the screen on my wall and I can basically stream anything I want to it, whether from an iOS or Android device.

Alongside its bigger announcements, Google also unveiled a new second-generation Chromecast streaming dongle today. Arguing that the smartphone is already a great game-playing device-obviating the need to duplicate that capabiity within the device itself-Google said the built-in accelerometer and gyro in most phones enable them to perform as great game controllers.

There’s also a page in the app where you can view and search all mobile apps that are compatible with the device, which will make finding and streaming content quicker and more efficient. With the new Chromecast app, users can control the new Feeds feature to choose the content to be displayed by Chromecast on screen when it is on standby. It will definitely mean lesser buffering of your favorite shows from Netflix.


Besides, one will also find support for Chromecast. Once plugged in, you can stream music, radio, streaming music services and podcasts over WiFi directly to your speakers without having to get the TV involved.

First generation Google Chromecast